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Over the last few years I have taken a passion for web based technologies and turned it into a very satisfying and fulfilling career.

I have many years of experience in the IT industry as well as providing hardware and software support for the customers and employees of some of the largest PC and Cellular Phone manufacturers in the world.

I have designed and built many different systems, from small business websites to management and tracking systems for large companies.

Growing up in London, Ontario, I have always had a passion for computers, software and graphic design.

Over time and with the drastic growth in web-based technologies, I became increasingly drawn to internet powered mediums. With the advancements of current browsers bringing more power than ever before as well as the flexibility and relatively low implementation costs, I have really seen the power and versatility now available.

The ease of worldwide distribution means that, within seconds and without any extra software to install, these technologies can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

My passion: Creating innovative, functional, powerful and easy to use web-based systems and websites to meet the needs of various industries.


Drew Cossey

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